People in society generally do not deliberately set out to make any of these issues worse – least of all parents. One thing is clear from society’s current performance: there is either a poverty of understanding, or a lack of knowledge about the causes (or both):

If we always think what we always thought,
We will always do what we always did, and
Always get what we always got.

So, something needs to change if anything is going to improve. Maybe we can improve our understanding & knowledge by looking at, & thinking differently about what we provide for our young people, as they grow up.

Our children’s experience of education shows mixed results. If prevention is better than cure, then it must be possible that some impediments to progress later on in life lie on the left-hand side in the diagram on the previous page – at the start of their development. Improvement at the earliest point must be quicker, easier, cheaper and so probably longer lasting and more effective. We now have more evidence available from medical research, on brain growth and development, and how learning happens at different stages of life. We should therefore change the way we think about education.

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