We are part of a group of teachers who have sought to understand learning on a social and cultural level . The key to success with this is that our quest was NOT to find fault or singular reasons for learning not taking place; rather to confirm what is happening in each of our classrooms from evidence and in specific contexts, to understand why and then to improve our individual practice as a result.
This is the only way a professional can seek to become an authority of their own practice. It is what professional people do: see, understand and modify practice to do better next time (think of other professions: medicine, law, engineering). Learning to learn is vital throughout people’s careers, not just for school.

Our objective is to show that we need to think differently, particularly in education. Does this seem to you like a better way of doing things, and of achieving the goals, above? Do any of these ideas ring true with your experiences, either in education, other social sectors or in industry / business?
Please let us know via email to Nick McDonald

Research: These three elements above have evolved from looking at the evidence of what has happened in a series of lessons in various schools in the North West of England and North Wales. Data was collected from 3 sources:

Evidence of learning (or lack of learning) were triangulated between the 3 sources, and reasons for what actually happened was sought, and practice improved.

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